Man refuses to shave until Fable II is released

Ladies and gentlemen, I crave your indulgence and ask you to take my hand as we enjoy a glimpse into insanity. For the past several months, a lone maniac has demonstrated his lengthy wait for the highly anticipated Fable II via the gift of facial hair, refusing to shave until the game is released. In a Lionhead forum post dated 03-01-2008, at 23:59, user Armblast made his dramatic stand:

I refuse to shave till Fable 2 release: I will post here Every week the photo’s of the “progress”… I dont care if you care…this is to help me cope w/ waiting (I figure 1 annoyance will take my mind off of another)

Unlike many people on the Internet, Armblast actually followed through with his threat, and has indeed regularly updated his progress toward the almighty chinwarmer we see pictured above. Go and check out the (far from pretty) transformation from stubble to neckbeard to full-on Lord of the Rings

Well, it certainly didn’t get Fable II released any sooner, but you can’t blame a guy for trying. Thankfully he didn’t decide to do this for Home; otherwise, he’d have died as a man composed of 95% facial hair after choking on his own fuzz.

Jim Sterling