Man carves NES controller into his flesh

Some people can love a little too much, and the heady world of body modification is often proof of just that. Take, for example, a man known only as Metal_Games, who has sliced an NES controller into the flesh on his arm. Yes, that’s seriously what you’re looking at in the above image.

Disturbingly, this isn’t the first time our self-harming hero has done something like this. He spent an hour having an “expert” carve the Konami Code into his leg. All he needs now is to have a Triforce scarred into his arse and he’ll truly look ridiculous. One triangle on the tailbone, and one on each cheek.

“The stencil went on, and we were ready to go. Starting with the lines, the pain wasn’t half as bad as I’d expected,” explains Metal_Games. “In fact, it was a breeze for the most part. It took Jeffrey, the artist, about 20 minutes to cut all the lines. A couple of deep breaths, and we went straight on to removing the skin…”

Removing the skin

I’m going to let that last line sink in for a while and leave you with that delightfully charming image. If you’ll excuse me, I must go and find a little bag to be sick in.

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