Major Nelson invites you to tell him what Microsoft is doing wrong

Now’s your chance! Hit up Billy G. and friends with all of your gripes.

We hear it all the time; these days everyone is quick to say what they dislike about Microsoft’s services, often comparing them to competitor’s services or products. These complaints kind of float around the internet, really going nowhere. Now, Major Nelson invites you and I to say our piece, and he intends to bring some of these comments and concerns back to the bigwigs at MS.

From Major Nelson’s post: 

If you had ten minutes with the CTO of Microsoft, what kind of advice would you offer? What questions would you ask? During the two day meeting, I’ll be sharing some of the comments here with the attendees to let them know what the community thinks of the companies offerings and strategy. So go ahead and be honest, I’m listening and I’ll share it with the right people next week.

He goes on to explain that the invite extends past comments on just Xbox or the LIVE service, although those comments are still welcome. If you have something to say, my advice would be to jump in now. You concerns could very easily get lost in the shuffle, seeing as there is already 500+ comments to the post. 

[thanks, Mr. Donut] 

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