Magic: Arena’s Innistrad set is out, alongside of two codes for free stuff

Innistrad set mastery


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The spooky Innistrad set is out now in Magic: Arena, and it brings a brand new standard rotation with it. This is the moment where most of your decks (if not all) blow up, and it’s time to completely reinvent the meta on the fly. For me, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year for Magic, before people start to settle in on accepted decks in higher ranks. I’m also mostly just elated that Eldraine is gone and I won’t see adventure decks every other game.

But another Magic: Arena set means more bugs, and this time it deals with the weekly win counter. As noted by the team, the launch of the set did not actually reset your weekly wins on launch (this typically happens so everyone can start completely fresh in the new expansion, and not miss out on any XP). To that end, you can use the code “BORROWEDTIME” before 8AM PT on September 23, and you’ll get 4,000 free XP for your troubles. Magic: Arena has done this sort of thing fairly often, though typically in the earlier, more buggy days of its lifespan.

As for the next code on the docket, every expansion, including the Innistrad set, has received some sort of free pack code. This time it’s “PLAYMID,” which will net you free packs of the set. That code doesn’t have a hard cutoff (at least for a while), as new seasonal set codes last quite a while.

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