Magic Arena is hosting a free pauper (cheap cards) event through January 4

No entry fee

Magic Arena, which is currently in open free beta form, is running a free event from now through January 4.

That mode is called “pauper,” a brilliant form of Magic that only uses common cards that are generally cheap with the exception of much older cards for other formats like modern. As you might expect from a gametype without super rare/powerful cards in the mix, it opens up a lot of possibilities from match to match. Winners will net alt art versions of Llanowar Elves (an essential card for many decks that use green) and Firemind’s Research. If you already own these cards the alt art versions can be used in conjunction with them or instead of if you don’t.

As someone who plays a lot of digital card games this seemingly low key event is kind of a big deal. The Christmas themed card backs/board and lack of an entry fee is great all on its own, but the rewards are really where it’s at. Basically you’re getting a crack at eight free targeted cards for a unique event featuring wildly different decks and playstyles. There’s an incentive to start and an incentive to stay.

Plus, the reward structure is 100% clear rather than the “here’s your one random pack/loot box, now go away” scheme of many other digital platforms. That’s not including the meta-impact of standard pauper in the Magic-sphere, and how it’s seen as an accessible form of an otherwise expensive hobby that isn’t officially supported as much as it should be.

If Wizards keeps running events like this that appeal to a wide audience Arena will continue to thrive.

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