We’re live on Twitch with Magic: Arena for some Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Beholder wallpaper

With a bit of Baba Is You too

Welcome back to the start of another beautiful weekend! Today is especially exciting since I’ll be taking my first look at Magic: Arena‘s newest set release, the D&D-themed Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, on tonight’s stream. I haven’t been following it up until release because I wanted to make my own first impressions, and WOW there are so many new cards and gimmicks that will be a fun challenge to learn.

Also, if you haven’t heard, the sets that are making the current standard ladder borderline unplayable (Eldraine, Ikoria, etc.) have been rotated out in an exclusive and newly available standard ladder (Bo1 format only) and I’ll probably look at brewing something for that too. I personally prefer and excel in Bo1 so this is refreshing for me.

When we’ve had our fun with Arena, we’ll head over to Baba Is You, ‘cos I haven’t played that yet either and I’ve been itching for some puzzle games. From what little I’ve seen, Baba looks cute and cryptic, so The Witness has prepared me fully for that.

I hope to see you in chat tonight to let me know what you think about the current state of Magic, tips or ideas for puzzles and decks, how your week has been, I want to hear it all!

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