Magic: Arena adds sickly homage to the classic Dragon Whelp card

Welcome…to Jurassic Park ::harmonica sounds::

So Wizards of the Coast missed their initial goal of getting out friends list functionality in Magic: The Gathering Arena this month, but we did get a heap of performance fixes…and something else.

Every old Magic player remembers the Dragon Whelp card right? 4-cost, flying 2/3. Cute picture that was eventually updated to a more traditional looking dragon youngling? Well it’s a pet now, and people are having a field day with the new take.

Sure, this Magic: Arena pet has the basic features down — the green coloring, tiny wings, the little Poindexter head, the floppy feet — but there’s something very off about it. A single tooth really puts off a bad vibe, as does the spasm fit it offers when clicking on it.

If you’re brave enough you can buy it for 20,000 gold (in-game currency) or 3,000 gems (premium currency, or about 15 packs of cards). Once you pick it up it’ll be in your account as a pet cosmetic, which sits on the sidelines and can be clicked for fun. [Wizards of the Coast]

Chris Carter
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