MadWorld soundtrack on sale June 30

MadWorld is a fun game and one of the best parts of the game, to me, was the outstanding soundtrack. The music is so over the top with different styles yet it’s all blended together beautifully. The soundtrack was originally only available to people that pre-ordered the game, but due to a high demand, Platinum Games will now be selling the CD.

The soundtrack is made up of 20 original songs from several different artists. It’ll go on sale June 30 for $15.99 and you can purchase a physical copy or download the soundtrack through Sumthing Distribution

Hit the jump to get a sampling of the songs you can expect to hear when you get the CD. Be sure to check out this post on the Platinum Games Web site for more info on the soundtrack straight from MadWorld’s composer, Naoto Tanaka.

[via The Tanooki]

Hamza Aziz