Luminous Arc 2’s Villians detailed, also Destructobots!

Atlus is buttering us up for the November 18th release of Luminous Arc 2. We recently showed you a new trailer for the epic DS strategy role-playing game, and now we have some details and art on LA2’s baddies.

An undead kitty thing who uses dark magic and serves Fatima. He uses golems to wreak havoc upon Carnava.

She’s the leader of the Rosetta Rosso, a mysterious band of thieves. She’s searching for a Lapistier, and since Roland’s travelling with Witches, she becomes an annoying foil to him. She’s impudent, brazen, and naïve. Karen is always accompanied by Ace and Moose, the other two permanent members of the Rosetta Rosso.


Ace is one of Karen’s stewards. He’s swift, smooth, and unfortunately, totally whipped by Karen. He spends most of his time hitting on other women just to try to indirectly show Karen how much of a ladies’ man he is. When Ace is actually on duty, his main job is to gather information with his speed.

Moose is the second of Karen’s stewards. He’s cheerful, serious, and has common sense. He has a bit of a unique way of doing things, probably because he spent his university years learning mechanical engineering in a foreign country. He is extremely good with non-magical technology, which has been made manifest in his construction of the Destructobots, his pride and joy.

Hey, any game that has anything called Destructobots is right up my alley. 

Don’t forget that Luminous Arc 2 will come with the pre-order hotness, including a music CD and art book. That CD is do-want-worthy, as it is packed with music from Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Dale North