LucasArts classics (probably) coming to the App Store

A few weeks ago Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition producer Craig Derrick told Destructoid about his first project at LucasArts. When he joined, the studio was looking to port classic adventure titles to new platforms, including the iPod. The project was abandoned because of lackluster App Store sales and a company shift towards new IP. However, it appears as though that project is back on track.

In a conversation with Joystiq, LucasArts CEO (and adventure game enthusiast) Darrel Rodriguez subtly confirmed that classic titles are coming to Apple’s downloadable platform.

“On iPhone, you know Apple’s policy that we can’t talk about a release until it’s ready to release,” he said. “But it would make sense that we would do something like that if we were to go in that direction … wink wink, nod nod.”

The move makes sense: people have been using SCUMM VM on their iPhones and iPod Touches since the dinosaurs walked the Earth — the games can run on the smaller platform. The million-dollar question is: what game is hitting first? Tell us what you want. (Make sure to say Loom or something dreadful might happen to your bones.)

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