Love at First Squeak is a quickie dating sim from Scythe Dev Team

Love at First Squeak Quick Chip

Just how desperate are you?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to get yourself in the right mindset with some saucy dating sims. Scythe Dev Team, creators of game-I-will-not-shut-up-about, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, have you covered with Love at First Squeak, a dating sim about dating.

Love at First Squeak has you hitting the Rat Hole club all hot and heavy. You meet a buffet of steamy singles like Chip Quick, Ruth, and some other people who were less irresistible. Get to know them real, real quick, and then whisk them away to the VIP room to ignite the chemical fumes of your passionate gasoline.

Love at First Squeak - Ruth
Screenshot by Destructoid

Shh. Come closer. Love at First Squeak is a really short and goofy dating sim, but it’s really just mini-game #1 of 10 that foretells the coming of Scythe Dev Team’s virtual reality horror FPS, Project Meganet. It’s pretty short, but it invites you to play through it multiple times to really scratch at the sinister underbelly. It’s also free and available to play through your browser, like one of those Flash games from the ‘00s.

I’m a bit disappointed that Scythe Dev Team’s next project is completely a VR experience. It looks nice, but VR is for rich kids who used to own Sega Game Gears rather than Game Boys. I couldn’t hope to…

What was that?

They heard me! Run!

Love at First Squeak is free and available to play on your browser over on Project Meganet is currently targeting PC and doesn’t have a set release window, but you can follow along with the ARG over on the Project Meganet site.

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