Lost Planet: Hands on impressions

Last week in San Francisco, Capcom hosted an event to promote Lost Planet. The main focus of the whole deal was to demonstrate the multiplayer maps and game modes that will be available in the finished game. To do this, Capcom linked up 16 360’s and allowed everyone to get in on the multiplayer action. Luckily, I was able to attend. For the most part, I spent four hours just playing Lost Planet and sipping free booze, but I did have a chance to talk to a lot of Capcom people and get some info, and good ideas of what you can expect from the game.

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As far as the online goes, it’s pretty familiar. Multiplayer hosts up to sixteen people with four different game modes (Elimination, Team Elimination, Post Grab, and Fugitive). Along with that, you’ll have eight different maps to choose from at launch. I did try to find out when there would be more maps available, but no one was talking. One thing though, you won’t have to worry about being booted back to the lobby after ranked battles. The game now allows you to keep the same team without having to re-invite your friends after every match.

Unfortunetly, we only had the chance to play three different maps. There was an outdoor snow map, a lava filled cave map and another one set in a destroyed building. The lava and snow maps are huge, incredibly huge. The building map though, was a lot smaller. Regardless of size, all the levels were shown the same attention to detail. Whether you prefer wide open battles or close-quarter combat, you won’t be let down by level design or the graphics.

Along with standard weapon and melee attacks, Capcom has added something new: the Anchor Shot. The Anchor Shot is a grappling hook that can attach itself to almost any structure in the game. Not only will you now be able to zip across large battlefields in half the time, you can use it, Bionic Commando style, to outmaneuver your enemies. You can even use it to latch on to enemy mechs and pull yourself onto their windshields, therefore making it impossible for them to hit you. Not only does this add another layer to gameplay, I think it will be the one thing that makes Lost Planet stand out from your average shooter.

Overall, this is a pretty tight game and is definitely worth your time. The graphics are top notch, and the level designs are different enough to satisfy your tastes. Also, the addition of the Anchor Shot is just kick ass. Seriosly, after watching the Capcom pro’s use it to whip around the levels like lightning and pwn people, I wanted to play more. You can see that Capcom put in a lot of time and effort trying to make this game fun and unique, and I have to say that they succeeded.

(Check out the pictures to see more of the event, and my lovely assistant)

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