Lost in Translation: Angry German Gamer

One of the most famous and obnoxious gaming screamers of all time has mystified us Americans over the past few years with his indecipherable foreign profanity cannon. In the world war of worst gaming tempers of all time we are proud to announce that the raging Rosetta retard’s Enigma script of massive damage has finally been decrypted by Tobias, and you can thank Aeropause for enlightening the world and thus beginning a new golden ages among gamers. Now all we have to do is get games on the moon and we’ll pretty much be caught up with history.If we could only get the PS3s to be the official cataclysmic catalyst of global warming then we’ll finally be ahead of the game and able to watch histroy try to catch up with games for a change. Shouldn’t be hard – we believe in you Sony!

Tom Fronczak