Lost in Shadows finds some screens

While Konami’s press conference at E3 has almost nothing to do with Lost in Shadows the game was presented there and I’ll take any excuse to bring up the genius that was that press event. The excuse to bring up Lost in Shadows (which in turn is the excuse to bring up the Konami press conference) this time is six new screens for one of the most interesting looking games coming out this year. Lost in Shadows was definitely one of the few games at the press event that actually made me pay attention to something other than the ridiculous presenters.

Normally I’m not much of an enjoyer of random screenshots that you can look at, but in this case my imagination is just running wild with the cool shadow mechanics of this game. If you haven’t seen it in action check out our preview of it, and then let your mind wander over how the levels depicted in these screens will work.

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