Lost Balance: Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll for Wii

Super Monkey Ball. Not exactly Sega’s new Sonic, but it seems like they’re doing more interesting stuff with the monkey than the are the hedgehog. Now they’re taking on the Wii Balance Board with their tilting puzzle gameplay.

Today Sega announces that Super Money Ball Step & Roll is in the works for a Winter 2010 release. As you’d guess, players roll around a monkey ball by using the Wii Balance Board for control, alongside the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. It should be pretty entertaining to watch others play, I’d guess. There’s still the single-player puzzle game, but now new multiplayer party games have been added.

We’ll have to wait and see how they implement the Balance Board into these new minigames, though I do remember some of the previous Monkey Ball’s minigames being quite fun on the Wii. 

Sega sent along some new screenshots, which you’ll find in our gallery below.

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