‘Lost,’ a film by ex-Pixar execs, is one you’ll want to watch standing up

Goddamn bird

As I stated in my review, the Oculus Rift is launching with more than just 30 games. It has 360-degree travel opportunities, as well as a few short films made exclusively for Oculus VR. Henry, a cute little animated movie about a hedgehog who longs for a friend, was fantastic, as is Lost, an atmospheric adventure of sorts, both from the same source — an animation outfit called Oculus Story Studio.

While I don’t know if I want to watch feature-length pictures or even play most games standing up, I can put up with it for a few minutes at a time for something like Lost. I won’t give away details, but suffice to say it deals with an encounter of sorts in the woods, which is equal parts haunting and charming.

I also had an epiphany during my second viewing that showcased how impactful VR films can be. The first time I watched it, I was freaked out by a bird that flew right over my shoulder, with an appropriately loud directional flapping noise booming out of the speakers of the Rift. But by the next run, I was ready for it, and saw it coming by looking behind me. This type of experience has the potential to impact everyone differently, as opposed to watching a movie on a static traditional screen.

I’m not going to act like these launch videos change the face of tech forever as they’re only several minutes in length, but much like the rest of the Oculus Rift lineup, I’m impressed. Three more shorts are on the way from Story Studio, and I can’t wait to see them.

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