Long-waited Stardew Valley 1.5 mobile update is ‘close,’ but needs one more week

‘We need 1 more week to ensure quality’

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Although folks on the majority of Stardew Valley platforms have been enjoying update 1.5 for quite a while now, the mobile edition still needs one final push. That was supposed to come by the end of the year, but a new tweet from developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has some insight into the final, final deadline for the patch.

Here’s the full context from the tweet:

“MOBILE: The porting team and I have been working extremely hard this past week on the 1.5 update. We’re so close. We could probably release right now. But we need 1 more week to ensure quality. I accept full responsibility for not hitting the end of year target.”

As far as I’m concerned: no worries! Stardew Valley has earned so much good will at this point, that folks can wait a bit more for an update. It helps that the game is also on basically every platform under the sun, so there are options available.

That said, it’s admirable to see Barone taking responsibility, even if it’s not needed. This whole saga has been a masterclass on transparency and communication; and how developers can opt to treat their fans in an era of nonsense, especially given how Stardew basically gives everything out for free.

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