Lone Survivor is getting a follow-up called Lone Warrior

Forever alone.

Via Superflat’s own blog, Jasper Byrne recently announced that he’s working on a sequel to 2012’s indie darling Lone Survivor called Lone Warrior.

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Lone Warrior is set to follow a new protagonist. Byrne says that it will be quite a bit different in terms of gameplay, with “less of a focus on stealth and survival and more of a focus on action/panic scenarios.” Aliens to Lone Survivor’s Aliens, as he puts it. He also says that it will likely be a “shorter but (hopefully) more intense game.”

Lone Warrior actual gameplay
Image via Superflat

Byrne also states that he’s been working on Lone Warrior before the release of Super Lone Survivor, an updated re-release of the original game. According to him, it just made more sense to re-release the first game before revealing the second. Meanwhile, Destructoid’s own grizzled veteran Jonathan “Destroyer of Flapjacks” Holmes has said that he has seen “some behind-the-scenes stuff on this game earlier in the year, and it was really cool.”

I played Lone Survivor back when it was released in 2012 and didn’t love it. It’s been so long that I don’t remember my specific complaints, but it was enough that I pulled the brakes early on and never went back to it. I have considered going back to it now that I’ve spent so much time wading elbow-deep through the horror genre, but haven’t yet. Mr. Holmes, on the other hand, is an enthusiastic fan, as are a lot of people who connected with it back in the early boom of the independent field of games.

There are no release plans for Lone Warrior so far, nor is there information on planned platforms.

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