Lock your doors! Hide your purses! Real Niko Bellic is on the loose!

Even though I am absolutely terrified of the realistic Mario that Pixeloo released a couple months back, I think this recently created “real” Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV may scare me just a little bit more.

True, he doesn’t have enormous eyes that will steal your soul or grotesque, glistening teats, but Niko looks exactly like a guy I saw on the subway the other day. At least nightmare-inducing “real” Mario can only visit me in my sleep. This guy could easily mug me on the corner of Hollywood and Highland. Eek!

What do you think of Pixeloo’s realistic portrayal of Niko Bellic? Is the fact that it looks simliar to the actual character in the game a testament to GTA IV’s true-to-life art style? What other videogame characters would you love to see get this real-world makeover?

[Via GayGamer — thanks, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask!]

Chad Concelmo