LittleBigPorn is a little big no no: Sony plans to moderate user content

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In what perhaps qualifies as a Captain Obvious story, it has been announced that Sony will be moderating the user generated content in LittleBigPlanet to ensure that anything crass and sordid doesn’t get through. That’s a shame, as an abundance of genitalia is the best part of any user created content.

“We’ll be moderating LittleBigPlanet‘s user-generated content in the same manner as we moderate all our online games,” stated a Sony spokesperson. “A good example of this is My SingStar.”

Well, poop. There goes my obnoxious plan to make cute woolen animals slide down gigantic veiny throbbing pork swords. I guess I’ll have to content myself with making my initials “POO” in every arcade game I’ll ever play. So witty. So, so witty.

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