Here’s a hint if you’re stuck in Little Nightmares II’s looping-door room

Little Nightmares II

Listen to the music

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Whether I totally overthink the solution or I’m just not in the right frame of mind, I have this silly habit of getting tripped up by the simplest puzzles in horror games – the kind that make you go “oh duh!”

Like clockwork, I got all the way to the final chapter of Little Nightmares II before stumbling – and the puzzle that confused me ended up being dead simple in retrospect. I’ve got a quick hint if you’re stuck.

Early in the fifth level, you’ll enter a room with two glowing doors, and you can’t go back the way you came in. If you head into the right-most door, you’ll end up walking out of the left-most door, and vice versa. It’s a classic loop! I instantly recognized that fact, but I couldn’t figure out how to break free.

How to get out of the room with two door portals in Little Nightmares II

I’m sure most people will quickly latch onto the solution, but I’m even more sure that someone else out there will be stumped. Here’s the hint for how to escape: listen to the music, and keep listening.

My first time poking around this room, I kept thinking there was somehow more to it – I thought I needed to look at my protagonist as he warped through the portals – but it’s just the music that matters. The “correct” door to walk through is whichever one has the music playing full blast.

In this case, the order is: right door, right door, left door, left door. You’ll then appear in this room:

Little Nightmares II level five guide

The musical clue concept shows up again and again in chapter five – it’s the whole gimmick of this level – so even if it is straightforward, it’s important to know precisely how it works. You’re almost done.

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