Link’s Awakening is one of the best Zeldas, if not the best, and this bead art helps make the case

Bead art rules

It’s a lot easier to find amazing fan creations from a series like Zelda. It’s withstood the test of time, garnered fans from multiple decades, and has permeated pop culture to the point where a lot of people will at least recognize Link, the Triforce, or Hyrule Castle in some fashion.

I’m glad that Nintendo has deemed The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening worthy of popping up every now and then. While it could have easily been a goofy one-off and never referenced again, they saw fit to create a Game Boy Color port (ports were a rare feat for the Zelda series outside of a few entries back then) and bring it back with a 3DS re-release.

This bead art from defnotmy3rdaccount, which consists of 22,000 perler beads and “six days of work,” helps encapsulate why that entry is so special. It’s serene and out-there in the same breath, and completely manages to spite the “it was all a dream” trope. There are so many moments in Awakening where you’re allowed to just slow down and take in the characters and their relationship with Link.

If you like bead art we happen to have a bonafide bead artist in the house! Our own Chris Moyse has fashioned quite a few amazing pieces over the years, so be sure to check them out and give him some love.

I made Link and Marin at the beach! [Reddit]

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