Lindsay Lohan Grand Theft Auto V likeness lawsuit struck down in court of appeals

End of the line

It’s hard to believe this is still an ongoing thing given that Grand Theft Auto V was released nearly five years ago, but that Lindsay Lohan likeness lawsuit — in which she alleges that Rockstar used her likeness without permission — is just about over.

Lohan contends that Lacey Jonas, an in-game character, was used to market the game, but the courts have reached another conclusion. A panel of five judges decided in 2016 that since Rockstar isn’t explicitly using Lohan to sell the game they’re in the clear. She tried to push the issue again in the Court of Appeals, who just shared their thoughts recently: “We conclude a computer generated image may constitute a portrait within the meaning of that law. We also conclude, however, that the subject images are not recognizable as plaintiff, and that the amended complaint, which contains four causes of action for violation of privacy pursuant to Civil Rights Law §§ 50 and 51, was properly dismissed.”

Given that this decision was reached at the New York Court of Appeals where Lohan filed the suit, this is basically her last chance to try to take Rockstar down.

Court rejects Lindsay Lohan’s appeal in GTA V likeness lawsuit [Gamasutra]

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