Like Second Life? Go get a First Life instead

I don’t like MMORPGs. I don’t like the concept of it and I despise what it can do to a person. But I’d rather go play World of Warcraft than to ever get into Second Life. If I had to sacrifice my life for the gaming community by playing WoW for the rest of my life just to destroy Second Life and anything that can come and replace it in its absence, I will. I love you all that much.

I will never be able to ever wrap my mind around the concept of why and how Second Life appeals to anyone. So if I ever can get a chance to mock the meat sacks that “play” Second Life, I shall. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Get a life. More specially, Get a First Life. The site is a spoof of the actual Second Life Web site — it’s only a one-page spoof however. Pretty much what you see in the above picture is what you’re going to get at the actual site. What is on the site, however, is good for a quick chuckle.

And remember everybody, friends don’t let friends play Second Life


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