Life has its perks: New Call of Duty 4 multiplayer video plus hands-on details

Game companies, take note. This is the right way to show people how a feature is going to work in your games. This video goes through a typical battle in Call of Duty 4. Then, after everyone is dead, the video goes back to the beginning and every little details gets broken down. In Call of Duty 4, you can customize your character before jumping into every battle. You can get stronger bullets, pick which two weapons you’ll start off with, what type of grenades you want and a ton of other details. 

I actually had some hands-on time with the multiplayer a couple of weeks ago at the Infinity Ward studios. Hit the jump for my impressions of the game.

First things first, what you saw in the video is what you’ll actually be seeing. The graphics and level of details were simply astounding. What’s even more impressive is that this game will be running at 60 frames per second even during 16 mulitplayer combat (or maybe 18 multiplayer … more on that in a bit).

Now to be completely honest with you all, I was not expecting to actually play this game. In a way, I kind of got dragged to their studios (not that I was complaining). I had no idea what I was getting into and I failed to really comprehend everything that was going on. Hell, I didn’t even realize what the perk system was until the 4th match in. When I finally figured out that I can customize every detail of my character before a match (and during a match too), I went straight for the sniper class.


You know that little bitch that likes to hide in the most unimaginable places in a stage and snipe the shit out of everyone? Well, that bitch is me. When I saw that there was a semi-automatic sniper rifle, I knew what I would be doing for the rest of the game. In this second video, the sniper class always wears the famous Ghillie suit that lets your character blend in to the wild. Nothing more satisfying than laying on your belly, practically in plain site and sniping away at your enemies.

There was just one bad thing about this whole experience. The sniper aspect of this game sucks. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled by Halo and other similar games, but there is no reason that I should be moving at one fourth of my normal speed while looking through the scope. I got so obsessed with how horrible this sniper problem was, I stopped paying attention to everything going on in the game and I ended up getting in last place in a couple of the matches. Now, not a big deal, but .tiff was also at the event (as well as Husky, Charlie and Ron). Now this isn’t meant to be some sort of attack on my Art Attack partner in crime. The point is, me, the FPS junkie got beaten by everyone including someone who has rarely ever touched an FPS in her life. All in all, the rest of the guns are impressive but for a multiplayer game, the sniper is always one of my main weapons. I’m hoping some major tweaks happen between now and the release. 

Also in the video, you’ll notice the team getting attacked by the sniper calls in an air strike. Oh yes, you will be able to call in 3 to 4 jets that lay down a hail storm of hurt. You’ll also be able to call in a helicopter which hovers around the battlefield for a good while, which can get shot down.

That pretty much sums up my experience of the game (I know, how professional, right. Only Dtoid baby.) One final thing I would like to add, we were told that the game would go up to 16 players online. But if you watch the video and stop the video when everything gets slowed down for the perks part, you’ll notice it says 18 players. Mistake, or did I just pull off a cool Matlock move? You decide.

[Thanks to GoldenDonut and Ted — Also, if you’re interested, Electro Lemon blogged about Call of Duty 4 for the DS.] 

Hamza Aziz