Let’s talk about The Last Story’s multiplayer

Against what one could deem better judgment, Mistwalker’s The Last Story is going to be one of those rare Wii games with a strong multiplayer element. If you were at all curious about the online mode of Last Story, you’re in luck, for all has been revealed. 

Multiplayer is split into two main modes — Versus (a free-for-all competitive battle) and Raid (a co-op boss challenge). In Raid mode, you’ll get to keep the weapons and items you’ve earned during the course of the game, but the team’s levels will be evened out. It would seem that defeating these challenge bosses will grant you with special themed items which can be carried into the story campaign.

In Versus Mode, characters are made even with their levels and upgrades stripped away. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of different characters though, including those that aren’t playable in the single-player story. You earn points with kills, and lose them with deaths, and the aim is to score the most at the end of the round. 

Versus Mode sports a variety of special items that spawn on the map, such as the Prank Banana (causes opponents to slip), the Sticky Sword (deals damage and slows down enemies), the Destruct Arrow (explodes) and Inishie no Katamari (temporary defense raise). 

This sounds a lot more robust than I originally thought it would be, which is par for the course with The Last Story. The more I hear about it, the better it gets. It’s now easily my most anticipated Wii game of the year, and we still need that damn Western release confirmation!

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