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All Life is Strange Games in Order: The Complete Series Timeline

Partner in Crime, Partner in Time

The Life is Strange series is hailed for its impressive storytelling, iconic characters, and emotional impact. From the lighthouse in Arcadia Bay to the record store in Haven Springs, the spaces created for the games are filled to the brim with nostalgic feelings. As the series has grown, so too has the complexity of its timeline. 

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Not counting Life is Strange: Double Exposure, which is due to come out later this year, the Life is Strange series currently spans about 12 years. However, the choices you make, particularly at the end of the original game, can send this timeline into a spin. Here’s a more organized look at all the Life is Strange games in chronological order.   

Farewell Episode DLC (Life is Strange: Before the Storm)

Year it takes place: 2008

The Life is Strange timeline begins with a pair of departures that impact Max and Chloe, the protagonists of the original two games, for years to come. The episode’s content goes by quickly and can be completed in under an hour. It’s best to play this after playing the original game, but you don’t necessarily have to finish the other parts of Before the Storm first.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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Year it takes place: 2010

Before the Storm is a prequel to the first game that tells the story of Chloe’s relationship with Rachel Amber, the teenager who has gone missing when the events of the original game unfold. Together Chloe and Rachel ditch school, navigate trauma, and uncover family secrets.     

Life is Strange

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Year it takes place: 2013

The original Life is Strange game features iconic storytelling, a beautiful soundtrack, and a cast of deeply drawn characters. In addition, Max’s ability to reverse time and change the outcome of every scene gives the player’s decisions serious weight. At the end of your quest to save Arcadia Bay, you’ll make a final critical decision that affects the rest of the universe’s timeline.   

Life is Strange (Comic Series)

Year it takes place: Starting in 2014

The comic book tie-in series for the Life is Strange games begins about a year after the events of the first game, and takes place over the course of six story ‘arcs’. In order they are: Dust, Waves, Strings, Tracks, Coming Home, and Settling Dust. The comic series follows the Bae (not Bay) ending of the first game, but is in many ways a divergent timeline from the other games to come.  

Life is Strange 2: Episodes 1 & 2

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Year it takes place: October-December 2016

The direct sequel game in the series follows two brothers, Sean and Daniel, as they journey south from Washington to the US-Mexico border. When their father is killed by a police officer, Daniel’s telekinesis powers aid the pair in escaping danger. 

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Year it takes place: December 2016

Captain Spirit is a short demo game that allows players to learn more about Chris, a side character encountered by Sean and Daniel near the end of the second episode of Life is Strange 2. This chapter in the Life is Strange universe is often forgotten because it’s not as essential to the main story, but it’s worth playing nonetheless.

Life is Strange 2: Episodes 3-5

Year it takes place: December 2016- June 2017

The conclusion to Sean and Daniel’s story occurs over the course of many months, but also features flashbacks that bring players back to events that occur before the game starts. 

Wavelengths DLC (Life is Strange: True Colors)

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Year it takes place: 2018-2019

The Wavelengths DLC for True Colors takes place before the events of the main game and follows the side character Steph Gingrich, who also appears in Before the Storm, on her first day at the Haven Springs record store. In many ways, this DLC is just as much a sequel for Before the Storm as it is a prequel for True Colors. 

Life is Strange: True Colors

life is strange true colors
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Year it takes place: 2019-2020

True Colors makes a few references here and there to prior entries in the series, but for the most part, it’s an entirely separate experience that has brought in many new Life is Strange fans, and doesn’t require playing all Life is Strange games in order. There are plenty of twists and turns here, and Alex’s superpower fits her story remarkably well.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure

life is strange new game 2024
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Year it takes place: Unknown

In Double Exposure, the original protagonist of the series Max Caulfield makes a welcome return. This time, we’ll be opening parallel universes in an attempt save her friend Safi. It’s apparent from Max’s character design in the reveal trailer that several years have passed since the first game, and we know that she’s a photographer in residence at a university, but for now, the exact dates for the events of this game are unknown. From what we can see, however, it seems likely that this game is the furthest forward in the timeline. 

How Many Life is Strange Games Are There?

Counting Double Exposure, which comes out October 29th, 2024, there are six games in the Life is Strange universe. However, the original Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm are available together as a single remastered collection on select consoles.   

Which Life is Strange Game Should I Play First?

If you are new to the series, the original Life is Strange is undoubtedly the best place to start. If you’re looking to relive the series, playing the games in timeline order can provide a unique and refreshing experience.

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