Let it Die hits two million downloads

No revenue numbers given, but not bad

GungHo Online has announced that worldwide, Let It Die has hit the two million download mark. Given the massive installbase of the PS4 and the fact that it’s free helped, but that’s still an impressive number for a niche game with a kickflippin’ Grim Reaper named Uncle Death.

The team managed to hit this mark in roughly two months for the US and Europe, though the Japanese edition only just launched on February 2. Interestingly enough that version had a minimum spending limit of $1 to ensure that players were old enough to access it.

This news is just making me wish there was a full retail version that unlocked everything. I mean, a Let it Die action romp in the same style as say, Shadows of the Damned? I’d take it. I like Let it Die a lot in theory, but I don’t play it as much as I want to because of how grind-inducing it feels at times.

Let it Die [GungHo via Gematsu]

Chris Carter
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