Donkey Kong is joining the Lego Super Mario lineup this summer

Lego Mario Donkey Kong

DK gets his very own brick build

Lego hosted a special Super Mario presentation today for MAR10 (March 10) Day. Alongside a detailed look at an upcoming Bowser-centric set, Lego also teased that Donkey Kong will be making his Lego Super Mario debut this summer.

At the close of the stream, we get a good look at the Lego Donkey Kong build, which has a little spot for the Lego Super Mario figure to sit in. It’s an interesting configuration, considering I don’t remember Mario ever riding on Donkey Kong’s back? Maybe I’m forgetting some weird outtake of the 1986 animation or something.

We didn’t get any more indication of what Lego Donkey Kong’s set may entail. I’m personally hoping for some sort of chaotic mine cart course, and tons of little Lego bananas to scatter around.

Bowser’s new brick castle

Today’s spotlight also featured a good look at the Dry Bowser castle set, which is currently aimed for release on August 1 with a $109.99 price tag. I do like the Dry version of Bowser, but I love all the little details here. A bony Piranha Plant, the chain links and giant Bowser visage, and yes, even the Toad trapped in a cage.

Image via Lego

The Lego Super Mario crossover has really taken off in the past few years, with tons of sets coming out of the partnership between Nintendo and Lego. Ranging from these playsets designed like game levels to the enormous, gorgeous Question Block set, it’s pretty cool seeing the notorious plumber reimagined in brick form.

And if that doesn’t satisfy your Mario craving, there’s at least a feature film arriving soon to handle that too. The latest and final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie premiered yesterday, strangely one day prior to March 10.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter