LEGO serious about MMO, WoW players line up to cancel accounts

Speaking at GCDC, Mark Hansen, Vice President of Digital Play Studios, revealed that the future of the LEGO brand videogames is not more movie spin-offs. The future is actually utilizing LEGO in an MMO. Hansen told listeners, “Enabling the LEGO community to experience one of the 21st centuries most socially significant form of entertainment is the next step in the evolution of the brand.”

Hansen then provided the audience with evidence that Lego is ready to take the big leap by citing the visitors to its website and their ability to stick to Lego faithfully. I was initially going to make fun of LEGO and their choice to make an MMO until I really started thinking about the possibilities. A LEGO MMO has the same potential as Second Life, minus all the furries. Players could craft their own houses, make their own cars, or create their own dungeons. That sounds pretty cool to me.

The MMO is in development and is slated to hit shelves towards the end of 2009.


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