LEGO Mario Piranha Plant takes a bite out of shelves this November

And they said it was a pipe dream.

lego piranha plant

LEGO’s Super Mario line is about to add a very hungry desk display piece in the form of a Piranha Plant figure. It may not be to scale, but it’s over nine inches tall and priced at $59.99. The set is yours to build and, if you choose, set alight with a fireball on November 6, 2023.

The LEGO Piranha Plant comes in a buildable pipe, which, yeah, I guess all LEGO things are buildable. Its head, mouth, stalk, and leaves are all posable. You’ll finally be able to capture that perfect “Mario’s about to get eaten alive” pose right on your shelf. Listed for builders 18 and older, the set is made up of 540 pieces. 

Image via LEGO

After-hours flowers

That’s right, this is an adults only Piranha Plant. Like The Mighty Bowser set before it, the Piranha Plant is marketed to all the grown-ups out there who need more Mario foes on their shelves. I am absolutely including myself in that demographic. For my money, they nailed the look of this one, at least more so than Bowser. You might think it’s hard to mess up a Piranha Plant, but you’d be surprised. 

One thing this set is missing is any kind of digital play functions. It can’t interact with any of the other Super Mario LEGO sets, but it looks fine enough on its own. The best part is the fairly reasonable price. It would be hard to top the wallet-busting Bowser and NES LEGO sets, priced at $269.99 and $229.99, respectively. This is one plant I may actually be able to keep alive for longer than a week. 

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