LEGO Super Mario’s latest release is a giant Bowser that shoots fireballs

The King of the Koopas gets a LEGO makeover

Making LEGO sets that are designed with adults in mind is one of the best decisions the company ever made, because LEGO has released some really awesome, complex builds over the past few years. Just in their Nintendo collaboration alone, which debuted in 2020, they gave us the buildable NES and the “?” block with different levels from Super Mario 64 on the inside. LEGO’s newest release is another banger in the Mario-themed line: a giant Bowser that shoots fireballs.

I have to admit that I haven’t played with LEGO since I was a kid, but man, they’ve really stepped up their game over the past few years. The Might Bowser figure is made of up over 3,000 pieces, some of which were designed specifically for this build. He’s incredibly detailed, but this Bowser doesn’t just look great — you can move his head around and shoot a little LEGO fireball out of his mouth. In addition, the Senior Designer on the project Carl Merriam says that they “took inspiration from a few forms of puppetry” and added loose joints to Bowser’s legs and tail so he looks like he’s jumping when you pick him up.

But wait, there’s more! LEGO fans who own a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course can actually battle against Bowser with Mario, Luigi, or Peach.

Basically, if you take your little interactive figure from that set and bounce it on Bowser, it will make noises from the game and play battle animations. How cool is that? It’s that extra attention to detail that makes this a really impressive build, in my opinion.

The Mighty Bowser figure hits stores on October 1, 2022, and will retail for $269.99 on the LEGO website or wherever LEGO is sold, so start saving up now if you’re dying to add him to your collection!

Noelle Warner