LEGO Dimension’s Sonic the Hedgehog levels look pretty decent

Good ol’ Green Hill Zone

Geoff Keighley’s YouTube show is still trucking, and the last episode had WB producer Doug Heder on to show off the Sonic the Hedgehog level pack for LEGO Dimensions — and surprise, it looks…not bad?

Time and time again Sega has tried the 3D Sonic thing, and in recent years has been going back to 2D and remixing Green Hill Zone more than all of us can possibly count. That’s the case yet again with the Dimensions level, which you can get a brief look at towards the end of the video along with some shots of the physical toy.

I still can’t believe that Gremlins, E.T., Sonic, and Batman are all in the same game. It’s such a messy way to sell ‘member berries, but it helps that many of LEGO Dimensions‘ level designs are actually good.

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