LEGO Dimension’s Adventure Time pack is great, other than the splitting up of Finn and Jake

The effort that went into this release comes at a cost

I was initially kind of surprised at how WB is handling the LEGO Dimensions series, but with the Toys to Life bubble bursting for some (or exploding, in the case of Disney), it actually makes sense. They’ve shucked the re-release concept in favor of simply building off of the original game, which doesn’t really need any graphical enhancements or other bells and whistles.

So here we are in Dimensions‘ “2.0” phase, with several new packs, including some wackier choices like Mission Impossible and The A-Team. Adventure Time ended up being one of the best of the lot, but it comes at a price if you fancy co-op.

As you can plainly see above, the first red flag is that they’ve split up Finn and Jake into two $25 packs. No one said Toys to Life was a cheap hobby, but you can eat a lot of the cost if you actually intend on playing with the LEGOs themselves. Building the characters is an elementary exercise, but the vehicles (of which there are four total across both packs) are actually fun to make, and depending on the configuration, taxing.

Plus, the juice is mostly worth the squeeze. The new Adventure Time campaign is fantastic, with the actual voices from the show reprising their roles in a way that doesn’t feel phoned-in. Hell it even looks like the show, which is an impressive feat since the LEGO games have already perfected that toy-like sheen at this point. To boot, Jake and Finn are two of the more interesting characters in the franchise’s history, especially the latter — who can morph into a trampoline, drill, tiny or big versions, or the fan-favorite “Jake Suit” that Finn can hop into and ride. It’s possible to play as other characters and accompany Finn that way, but it really was meant to have Jake tag along.

If you’re eyeing something new for Dimensions, Adventure Time should be your jam — but maybe wait for a sale if you’re going in with the intention of playing the main duo.

[This assessment is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]

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