Legitimate videos DMCA’d off Vimeo by Pixels movie copyright enforcers

Adam Sandler ruins everything yet again

Pixels was a bit of a train wreck, wasn’t it? It currently sits at a meager 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the general consensus on the film is people would rather pour salt into a papercut in their eyeball than have to watch it again.

Pixels is so bad it’s managed to become a black hole of wank, with other creative works being sucked in and never seeing the light of day ever again.

Entura International, a company that specialises in preventing and taking down copyright-infringing material for film companies, has sent a DMCA notice to Vimeo, to remove a list of videos on the site that include the word “Pixels” in their title.

Among the legit, non-infringing videos removed is Pixels by NeMe – the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art based in Cyprus – a video that was released way back in 2006. This is the same year Adam Sandler shat out Click, so it’s long before the movie Pixels was even thought of.

Other victims of the DMCA include a fan-made music video of the band The Pixels’ song Life Buoy, a 2010 award-winning film called Pixels by Patrick Jean (which is still available on YouTube), a video for the Pixels Festival in Belgium, and a video called Love Pixels by royalty-free stock footage site VJLoops.

Much like the system on YouTube, a DMCA takedown notice on Vimeo will give a strike to the person’s account, so genuine artists are being punished for using a word that’s been in active use since the 1960s. The fact Entura has just plowed through Vimeo and removed anything with “Pixels” in the title is worrying. 

Oh, and the actual official trailer for the 2015 Adam Sandler movie Pixels was removed too. That’s the silver lining on this whole thing, I guess.


Joe Parlock