Legacy World of Warcraft server admins to meet with Blizzard

‘Ambassadors of a larger movement’

World of Warcraft is a pretty fascinating game. Not only is it studied for anthropological reasons, but it’s also a platform with a gigantic fanbase, so much so that thousands of people were springing for a legacy server, which replicated the original vanilla version of WoW.

An unofficial server, it seems, that was shut down recently. But now the admins over at Nosalrius (who have dubbed themselves “ambassadors”) are saying they will meet with Blizzard at their headquarters, though the source code won’t be released.

What will actually come of this meeting is unknown, but it’s cool to see the company, owned by Activision Blizzard, still interface with fans like this.

Nostalrius Begins [Nosalrius]

Chris Carter
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