New Legacy of Kain survey hints at possible sequel, remake, reboot, or remaster

Legacy of Kain survey 2

It also asks you to choose between Kain or Raziel

A new Crystal Dynamics-helmed Legacy of Kain survey has popped up, and could inform the future of the franchise based on its results.

Although it was a fairly short run looking back on it, the series tore onto the gaming scene in 1996, exploded in 1999 with Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, and then effectively ended unceremoniously in 2003 with Defiance. Since then the powers that be attempted to resurrect the series in multiplayer form, but it also died off in its own way. But with Crystal Dynamics bought and paid for and part of the Embracer Group now, it’s likely time to start tapping into nostalgia.

As a reminder, here are the five major Legacy of Kain games that the survey centers on:

Question topics for the Legacy of Kain survey include:

  • Have you ever seen someone stream a Legacy of Kain game?
  • How would you rate each game you’ve played in the series?
  • What are your favorite parts about the series (mechanically and thematically)?
  • Who is your favorite protagonist (Kain or Raziel)?
  • What would your reaction to a new “vampire game” be?
  • Do you want to see a sequel, remake, reboot, or remaster?
  • Do you want a theoretical game to be single or multiplayer (co-op is also an option)?

Beyond that, one of the most important questions drills down whether or not you’d rather see a remaster/remake of any of the five core games first. For what it’s worth, my top pick is probably a Soul Reaver remake. There are so many different directions you can go, but if I had to choose one possible outcome, that would likely yield one of the best-received/commercially successful single titles.

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