Legacy of Kain multiplayer spinoff Nosgoth is shutting down next month

Going, going, Nosgone

The Legacy of Kain games can’t catch a break. It’s been thirteen years since there’s been a sequel in the wonderful vampire series. We’ve seen thirty minutes of the cancelled Dead Sun, which at least led to the asymmetrical spinoff Nosgoth, but now Square Enix and Psyonix have announced that come May 31, the battle between humans and vampire-kind will be coming to an end.

A post on the Square Enix forums from Nosgoth‘s community manager titled “A Farewell To Arms – Nosgoth‘s Final Days Are Upon Us” heralds the end of the game’s development. Any in-game purchases made after March 1 of this year are refundable, and people can still play until the end of May. This timing is odd, as Psyonix (now working on Rocket League) spoke to Gamereactor last month about future plans for the game and taking it out of Steam Early Access, where it’s been available since early last year.

It’s always a shame to hear that a game with an active playerbase is shutting down. I haven’t personally played Nosgoth, but I’ve heard positive chatter about this. The community manager also mentioned that “any future Legacy of Kain project will be considered independently of Nosgoth and on the merits of the proposals alone.” I wonder if we’ll see another developer pick up the series through Square Enix’s Collective, as we saw with Fear Effect yesterday.

A Farewell To Arms – Nosgoth‘s Final Days Are Upon Us [Square Enix Forums]

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