Left 4 Dead mobile is the best baby’s room decor ever

I always hope that if the day ever comes where I think having a child is a good idea (God forbid), I would end up being a rad parent. You know, whipping out our Rhythm Tengoku to teach hand/eye coordination, playing the Shadowgate soundtrack as a bedtime lullaby, and hanging things over the crib like this Left 4 Dead mobile. Because it beats the sh*t out of those pastel mobiles you can buy at Target, I’ll tell you that right now.

Etsy crafter Salty and Sweet made this, and I’m frankly shocked to see it’s actually still in stock. At $30, it’ s a good deal, and it pretty much brands you as awesome in every way if you actually hang this over your child’s crib. If Left 4 Dead isn’t your thing, by the way, you can get Team Fortress as well.

[Via Technabob]

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