Learn how to make pixel art with this adventure game

Welcome to the Pixel Art Academy

There’s no shortage of pixel art tutorials online, but I’ve never seen them housed within a point-and-click adventure game. That’s Pixel Art Academy in a nutshell. It sounds really cool.

Your character is a bright-eyed student trying to learn about pixel art. Tutorials are set up like video game quests (complete with daily and weekly challenges), and you can see what other players have created. The video does a better job explaining the specifics than I could, so check it out.

Matej “Retro” Jan is creating Pixel Art Academy for his master’s thesis at the Learning, Design, and Technology program at Stanford. He’s turned to Kickstarter to fund additional development, which is going well. There’s 16 days left in the campaign if you’d like to kick in $10 for a copy.

Retronator Pixel Art Academy [Kickstarter]

Jordan Devore
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