Leaked God of War Collection footage is annoying, bad

Ready for your first in-motion look at the God of War Collection? Look no further than below this bit of text. A clever someone has leaked a bit of trailer footage from the Collection, in the process showing a higher-resolution Kratos killing higher-resolution nasties and baddies in higher-resolution environments. Watcher beware, though: This video is terrible — the music cracks and pops and the camera person has a problem with keeping his hand steady.

With the annoyances and generally low quality nature of the footage in mind, we’re still seeing a bit of awesome in this footage. God of War and God of War 2 are indeed looking as sharp as we imagined they could be in such a package.

The God of War Collection is set to release at some point in 2009. It will contain 720p version of the original PlayStation titles and even a God of War 3 demo.

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