Leaked copies of Killzone 2 sold on eBay may not have multiplayer

Are you totally pumped for the release of Killzone 2? Have you been raging on internet forums over the completely unfair scores it has been receiving in the press? Can you simply not wait to get your hands on it and are resorting to bidding on promo copies currently for sale on eBay?

Well, you may want to reconsider that last one. In a message board post at PlayStation.com, Guerilla Games QA manage, Seth Downie, has warned those looking to score an early copy of Killzone 2 that they may not be able to play the multiplayer component with these discs. If the copy of Killzone 2 is not the final build of the game, players will, “at no point be able to go online with it.”

A quick scan of US eBay has not turned up any auctions with promo versions of the game, but a few have been spotted on the UK version of the auction site. So, for our friends across the pond, buyer beware is in full-effect.

Conrad Zimmerman