LawBreakers dropped to a concurrent player count of only 10 players today

It’s dead, Jim

While a certain game from a certain unknown individual recently broke 2 million concurrent players on Steam, Cliff Bleszinski’s latest game, LawBreakers, is unfortunately bottoming out after two months.

Admittedly, the game’s numbers were never all that great to begin with, even at launch. Lawbreakers‘ concurrent player peak was only around the 3,000 mark. For added context, the free weekend recently was averaging at a peak of 1,000 concurrent players, but that immediately dropped off, and just yesterday the game had dropped below 100 concurrent players for the first time.

Now, just this afternoon, that number has finally dwindled to 10 players. With player counts this low, the future for LawBreakers is looking pretty grim as of late. What do you think could potentially turn things around? Or is it already too late?

LawBreakers’ concurrent player count dropped to 10 this afternoon [PCGamesN]

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