Last call: Win a Blue DSi XL and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn!

[Update] Contest over! Winners are Justin S., Chris G., Morri, Alex P, Nick R., Dinh Xuan V., Karen O, ashadeofwhite, John P. and Basiadar!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is now out for the Nintendo DS and we’re celebrating the release here at Destructoid thanks to Nintendo! We have TEN Golden Sun: Dark Dawn starter kits to give out which includes the new game, a Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL and a DSi XL case. Each kit is valued at $350!

To enter this giveaway, you’re going to need to correctly answer the five Golden Sun trivia questions below. Do NOT submit your answers in the comments below! E-mail us (CONTEST OVER) with the subject line “Golden Sun: Dark Dawn contest” and with the answers that you think are correct.

Limit one entry per person and contest is open to US residents only. You have until December 13 at 11:59PM CST to enter, after which we’ll be randomly selecting ten people that correctly answer the questions to give the prizes to.

1. What town are Isaac and Garet from?

2. Who helps Isaac and Garet escape Mount Aleph?

3. What type of adept is Ivan?

4. What is the staff Felix has at the beginning of The Lost Age?

5. Who is suspected of being a pirate in The Lost Age?

Hamza Aziz