Labeling food as ‘Biohazard’ might not be the best promotional idea

I would think that Capcom Japan’s marketing team would have an idea as to just how bad of an idea it is to label an MRE as “Biohazard” — they have to know what it means in English, right? After all these years? These luncheon packets are part of a promotional plan for the upcoming Biohazard: Degeneration film on DVD/Blu-ray and UMD. Yep, they’re still trying to push UMDs over there.

Health concerns be damned, Capcom is selling these MRE packets in stores like Tsutaya and Matsuzakaya, but only in limited locations and for a short period of time. The MREs come in one of three zombie-fighting flavors: curry rice, stew and rice, and beef donburi — all of which you can order from Rakuten for 1,029 yen a piece. Provided you live in Japan, of course. There are some problems with shipping food internationally, as to be expected.

If you really want to eat these, you’re best off contacting a “finder” — a person who will go out and find items for you and ship them — to get you some of these. They’ll have to go through a bit of trouble to send it, though, so tip heavily. Oh, and their shelf life is two and a half years. Just think about that while you’re eating these.