Konami to hold MGS: Peace Walker event in Costa Rica?

Konami and Sony are teaming up to promote Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in Latin America with a  Costa Rica based launch event on June 2nd. They want all of Latin America to know that they’ll get an exclusive kit for MGS:PW, available at locations in Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia (the game starts out here!), Panama, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

This kit of theirs comes with the game and a limited edition “Skull-Camo” PSP-3000, which makes its Latin debut with this release. Special in-game content, like a special camo uniform and a stealth gun, will be exclusive to the Latin America kit.

Costa Rica was chosen as the game’s historical storyline takes players there. Konami says that the event will bring fans “face-to-face with the unique setting that inspired the game.” That sounds more scary than fun!

Peace Walker goes on sale for both Central and North America on June 8th.

Dale North