Konami slashes its profit outlook for 2023

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Dash! Dash! Dash!

In a release from Konami, the Japanese publisher has drastically cut back its financial outlook for 2023, almost in half. While they initially looked to make an operating profit of 76.5 billion yen, they’ve slashed that forecast to 42.5 billion. That’s a rather sizeable difference, but the publisher isn’t really saying what the cause of it is.

While I’m absolutely biting my tongue trying to speculate on the cause of Konami’s financial woes, people smarter than me suggest it probably has a lot to do with the disappointing performance of eFootball 2023. There is also no indication of when the multitude of recently announced entries in the Silent Hill series are going to drop. They might be planning a release outside the financial year in this report.

However, I’m going to say it’s because they aren’t focusing on the Ganbare Goemon series. Clearly, a renewal of that series would shift mad loot into their coffers. At the very least, maybe less focus on trying to stand out in the mobile market. But what do I know? I’m not a financial bigwig, I’m just one of the people they’re trying to get the money out of.

Seriously, though, this doesn’t mean Konami is financially imperiled. They’re still bringing in an operating profit, it just means that they’re just not making all of the money.

Zoey Handley
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