Konami Los Angeles Studio to be closed, staff laid off

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According to multiple industry sources (including former Dtoid CEO Hamza Aziz!), Konami has closed its Los Angeles studio, formerly known as Kojima Productions Los Angeles.

Duke Nukem creator George Broussard was one of the first to tweet the news earlier last night. Eurogamer later confirmed the reports, claiming “over 20 jobs” had been made redundant by the closure.

This comes after Konami dropped Kojima’s name from the studio, renaming it to Konami Los Angeles Studio. As of last night, Konami’s careers site displayed job openings at the studio, including the high-level positions “Senior Gameplay Programmer” and “Senior Multiplayer Designer,” but all open positions at the Los Angeles studio have been removed as of press time.

We’ve asked Konami for comment, and will update this story as necessary.

Konami closes LA studio responsible for Metal Gear Online [Eurogamer]

Mike Cosimano