Koei Tecmo working on its first crossover game

It was inevitable, but the news still excites me greatly. It has been revealed that the freshly merged Koei Tecmo corporation is working on a crossover title, bringing together games from the previously split companies to create something new and dangerous. Quite what this entails, I do not know, but if they’re going to take Lu Bu and put him in Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball, I won’t complain.

“Tecmo and Koei are combining titles to launch a new game,” reveals Nikkei Corporate Information. “The aim is to bring in fans of both.”

Between them, Koei and Tecmo have access to Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, all well-known franchises with their own distinct cult followings. Quite what they’re going to do to bring such games together is unknown at this point, but some sort of Gaiden Warriors sounds like the logical option. 

Either way, it should be quite fun to see what they come up. We’ll keep you posted.

[Thanks, Andreas]

Jim Sterling