KOEI Press Day: Hands-on with Prey the Stars for the DS

In Prey the Stars, you’ll play as one of four cute little monsters that must bite, suck and lick everything in sight. Basically, imagine Katamari Damacy but instead of a rolling up a giant ball, you’re eating everything to make yourself as big as possible.

I got some quick hands-on with the game and you can read all about it after the jump.

After you pick one of the four playable creatures, you’ll be transported to themed levels (such as shopping malls, mineshaft, refrigerators and more) and have a small playing field to run around on. There are three levels of items that the creatures can eat: small, medium and huge. The touch screen will show each of these sections based on stars and you’ll have to start at the lowest sized portion before making your way to the medium and huge sections. The more you eat, the faster you’ll increase in size and get to eat bigger objects.

You’ll move around with the D-pad, and use the Y, X, and A buttons to bite, lick or suck on the objects. You’ll need to time your bites to a status bar represented by green and red stars. The harder the difficulty, the smaller the window will be to hit the green stars.

Eating three of the same objects in a row will give you weapons such as fireballs, bombs, burps, lightning attacks to much more that you can use on your opponents to slow them down. You can also bite other creatures to screw up their eating and knock them off stage as well.

There are only four characters, but each of the creatures are customizable. You can add skins to the creatures such as strawberries patterns, soccer ball patterns too much more. All the character design is by breakout Japanese pop artist TOUMA, who’s famous for some very popular vinyl designer toys.

Prey the Stars will be out on October 7 for $29.99 and will support four players either via multi-card play or Nintendo Wi-Fi.

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